Consulting, auditing, legislation and taxes

ESEC LLC: your partner for consulting, auditing, legislation and taxes

As a partner to individuals as well as companies, we attach importance on efficiency, effectivity and pragmatism.

(In the field of )strategy development - both the concrete implementation of a strategy and the problem-solving approach belong to our core business. Auto photos

ESEC treuhand AG is an accredited auditing-expertise company and covers both legal and economical aspects of trusteeship.

Our customers profit from our regional network, our specialized knowledge and of course from our personal consulting at our three locations of Zurich (Switzerland) and London (United Kingdom).

We can count on an excellent network of lawyers, renowned banks and financial institutions, public authorities and company consultants.

We offer our services in German, French, English.

(ESEC treuhand AG)
(ESEC fiduciare SA)
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